Why Organic?

Since the resurgence of organic agriculture over 40 years ago, more and more people have come to see the benefits of organic production but if you still need to be convinced here are some of the reasons why here at VDT we strongly believe that real wines are organic wines:

Organic viticulture encourages biodiversity in the vineyard which helps produce healthier fruit which is more resilient to climactic change. That same biodiversity is found in the soil and the microbial make up of that soil helps to ensure organic wines better reflect the ‘terroir’ that we all end up paying for.

Organic producers tend to care a lot about their land, and its future. For them, organic is not the easy choice it is the only choice.


In the wine trade we are used to the fact that we pay for the reputation of the producer, the terroir and the vintage. Organic wine is no different, we found that like for like organic wines are comparatively priced (the organic premium) doesn’t affect wine like it does perhaps meat or vegetable production.

Organic production produces cleaner wines with less pollutants and we have found that these lead to a more enjoyable drinking experience and a less stressful morning after.

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