Our Team


Owner / Wine Buyer

Original founder and hands on director Ewan Bird has been working with organic wine his entire career which spans over 18 years. From working for an award-winning organic wholesale company in the UK, to making wines in a South African domaine to starting up his own business in the south of France. His philosophy is that the only way to produce wine that is wholly reflective of the terroir, is in an organic practice.

Sebastien BOETTI


Sebastien Boetti comes from a reputable background in the restaurant industry with qualifications, knowledge and passion of the wine trade, he is the company’s point of contact where sales are concerned. Sebastien’s belief regarding organic wine is XXX.

Michelange MALTESE


Michelange deals with the logistics at Vin de Terre, he helps organize all the deliveries and you’ll have probably spoken to him already. He has a background in the hospitality industry, speaks a handful of languages and is the linchpin to operations at VDT.

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