M Plouzeau

Loire, France

Marc Plouzeau

On the Left Bank of Chinon, the birthplace of François Rabelais, stretches a wine-growing landscape that has been preserved for several centuries. Recognized as a great historical terroir at the birth of the Chinon appellation, it only asks to reveal its extraordinary potential and make people discover its hidden treasures. On these still wild hills interspersed with woods, the vines look south and benefit from a very favorable microclimate. Thanks to the will of 2 generations, Château de la Bonnelière has regained its nobility and its original vocation – wine. Our vineyard, which covers more than 30 ha, is managed organically. It is exclusively located in the municipalities of the Left Bank of Chinon which are full of original terroirs. We seek from these a unique expression on each of our cuvées.